How to Change a Baby’s Diaper

When I first became a dad, I had no clue how to change a baby's diaper since I was an only child and had no nieces and had no nieces or nephews. However, my wife had 6 siblings and 17 nieces and nephews. Watch our daughter Rianne helping mommy & daddy change her diaper by lifting up her legs. This helps us so much and is cute to watch! I wonder if ALL … [Read more...]

Ryan’s First Halloween

Both of our kids love dressing up! Well, it's mostly Rianne! At almost 1 year, I'm not quite sure if Ryan understands the concept of dressing up just yet (well, his smiles sure indicate that he loves the costumes)! But, then again, Ryan is a super happy baby all the time. It was just last Halloween after trick-o-treating that my wife went into labour! So, here we are one year later! This … [Read more...]

Our Son Got His PhD

Today was a very proud moment for Anne and I since our son Ryan got his PhD at only 7 months old! We first found out about the Centre for Infant Cognition at UBC at the Bellies to Babies Trade Show 2 years ago. We've already taken Rianne to 9 studies and today was Ryan's third study. The goal is for both Rianne and Ryan to become Ministers of Education! Right now, Rianne has her Professor … [Read more...]

Westbrook Village Kid’s Club

During the fall and winter months in Vancouver, it's often hard to find good indoor activities to take your kids too. After all, who wants to take your children to the mall over and over? Plus, you always end up spending more than you intending just by entering a shopping centre. Plus, libraries have a noise policy so you can't have toddlers running around and screaming when other people are … [Read more...]

Salvation Army Toy Mountain

We decided to take part in the first ever Salvation Army Toy Mountain at Brentwood Town Centre. The way it works is that you can bring a toy from home or buy one at the mall and put it under the giant tree. In return, you get a cookie and a $5 gift card to use at the mall. This is an awesome to teach your kids about giving. It was fun to watch Rianne place her toy with all the other toys. Her eyes … [Read more...]

Baby Swimming Classes

We took Rianne to her first swimming class today at Renfrew Community Centre. She had gone swimming before during our family trip to the Philippines but this is the first time we decided to put her in regular, twice/week parent-tot swimming classes. My wife and I decided to alternate - Anne goes with her on Mondays and I take Rianne on Wednesdays. During her first swim class they did a variety … [Read more...]

Huggies Diaper Audition

We took Rianne to her first TV Commercial Audition today at Go Studios - it was for Huggies Diapers. The process was really quick. We had to sign a release form giving all of Rianne's vital details, followed by making her wear just diapers, and lastly the staff member took Rianne into the Casting Room by herself (parents had to wait in the sitting area). They wanted to interact with her by … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Haircut

Little Rianne got her first haircut today at Sparky's Kutz for Kids in Brentwood Town Centre. Like any baby her age, Rianne cried and cried pretty much the entire hair cut so we were glad it was over so quick! It was sad but at the same time just a little bit funny because having a hair cut is not scary to us as adults but to little babies it almost feels like torture - at least by her constant … [Read more...]

Cackleberries Connection

I had the opportunity to visit the Cackleberries international HQ in Burnaby, BC, Canada tonight. Cackleberries comes from the creative vision of founder and executive director Eronne Foster. Along with her creative designing and marketing team of 27 employees, Eronne has developed an entire new online world for kids aged 3 - 8 years old to play in! The best part is that it is educational play - … [Read more...]

Notch Hill Learning

What's the best way to teach your kids to read? My wife and I have been contemplating how to teach little Rianne to read. We have magnetic alphabets on the fridge, wall stickers along the hallway she crawls up and down, and lots of picture books with words. We also read aloud to her, play fun songs with memorable lyrics, and speak to her in a normal conversational voice. However, which of these … [Read more...]

Rianne’s Jollibee Birthday Party

Today, Anne's dream came true! We are truly grateful. Anne has been wanting to go to the Philippines with little Rianne ever since the day she was born.  To Filipinos, family comes first.  To celebrate with friends isn't the same thing as celebrating with biological family.  We have talked about the opportunity of perhaps celebrating her first birthday party at Jollibee.  At times, it seemed … [Read more...]